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Beth Koehler

STOTT PILATES Instructor and Fitness Expert
Beth is a STOTT PILATES-certified instructor in Matwork and Reformer. She has also trained in Stability Chair, Cadillac, Injuries and Special Populations, Barre, and various props. Beth has over ten years of experience working with older adults and helping them achieve their fitness goals.


Pacific NW Pilates, STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor


Owner, Koehler Pilates


Family Caregiver


Beth is a STOTT PILATES certified instructor who is passionate about keeping her most mature clients strong and healthy.

Over the last decade of her career, Beth has worked with older adults in various roles. From a medical records director to the client services coordinator for a senior care advisory service, Beth has a deep understanding of long-term care services and resources. Beth currently works one-on-one with older adults in her private Pilates studio, Koehler Pilates.

Pilates: pi-la-tes: Pilates is a form of exercise designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture. It also challenges the mind with intense focus and body awareness exercises.

Beth has been practicing Pilates since 2007. She was inspired by a former instructor who taught Beth the importance of form and how Pilates impacts every aspect of daily movement. During her practice, Beth noticed the older women in her class moved with more ease, had great balance, and seemed stronger than other people she knew outside of her classes.

Beth Koehler works with a client on a Pilates chair. Beth is a Pilates and fitness expert.

Beth’s love for Pilates and fitness lead her to complete the STOTT PILATES instructor training in 2012 so that she could teach from her own studio. The majority of Beth’s clients are older adults who are interested in improving and maintaining their health with the low-impact exercises that are the foundation of Pilates.

Before becoming a Pilates instructor, Beth worked in a skilled nursing facility in the medical records department and later was the director of client services for The Senior Resource Network, a senior care advisory company in Portland, OR.

Beth has also provided care for both of her grandmothers. She offered daily support and coordinated senior care services to best meet their needs.

Beth has worked with older adults and their families for the last two decades, listening to their stories and challenges. Beth understands the variety of services available to older adults and has experience helping both clients and her family members navigate the health and social systems they need to support their loved ones.